SOUP 1 Presenters

SOUP 1’s winner was Alex McLean - winning nearly $975 that night to fabricate more of his cool planter bike racks happen. See our home page for more about Alex and the project.

Below are the presenters who came to SOUP 1 and gave some awesome presentations and although the didn’t win that night, their ideas garnered a lot of votes and support. All are worthy of becoming a reality. Want to help them make their ideas come to life? Drop them a line.


PROJECT #1: Urban Park(ade) - Dan Vee
Converting the mezzanine of the parking garage in the alley between Commercial and Cornwall a multi-use space on the weekends. Local sports groups could utilize it as a park, vendors could set up for a downtown night market, live music and family-friendly entertainment could be hosted. An entire alleyway could become more heavily trafficked, helping the small businesses that call it home while discouraging unsavory behavior and adding a downtown attraction each weekend that isn’t centered around binge drinking.

Essentials: collapsible basketball hoops, mobile rink supplies for roller derby/bike polo/street hockey, implements for a mobile skate park, possible storage unit. 


PROJECT #2: Aloha Arts Alley - Erin Gill

Aloha Arts Alley will focus on the alley parallel to State Street, that connects everything between Ruckus and the Firefly Lounge. Our first goal is to create awareness of all the great things this out-of-the-way block has to offer, and turn it into a well lit, functional space for residents and visitors to experience. We want to accomplish this initial step by the beginning of summer, with our primary focus being on lighting (both for safety, and to highlight the alley-fronts of the businesses involved), artsy signage, and a bench or two to make it feel more like a park.

Improving the lighting around participating businesses, and having a cheerful, quirky "wayfinding" sign (like the old Aloha Motel neon sign) to point the way.


PROJECT #4: Better World Exposé - Jonah Laugharn
This is an event that would take place at Make.Shift and the SOUP funds would cover costs and give street artists, musicians who live outside; photographers, comedians, and what other values that people who are un-housed and living outside could offer to the table. There would be an art gallery a stage of several musicians, a photo wall, donations and food.

The event will show that the homeless populations have and are of value, beyond social stigma, and utilizes the creativity of those participating.

We’ll need a minimum of $700 dollars to cover the rent of the building for the night. We’ll use any extra funds for sound equipment management, flyers and possibly food.